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Dr. Nupur Krishnan – Clinical Nutritionist, Celebrity Nutrition Consultant, Obesity Consultant, Health Consultant, Diabetic Consultant in India

                                               Dr Nupur Krishnan Clinical Nutritionist.

In health, prevention is always better than a cure because it literally prevents the discomfort and costs of becoming sick and our next guest is doing exactly that in the field on Nutrition science. Dr. Nupur Krishnan is a highly qualified Clinical Nutrition, Heath Advisor, Obesity Consultant, Diet Coach, Specialized in Preventive and Clinical therapies for cardiac disease, diabetes, thyroid, acidty and many more Expert with proven experience of more than a decade in Preventive and Clinical Nutrition therapies. For more than 19 years she has been promoting health campaigns like Malnutrition, Chronic disease control, Pregnant and Infant nutrition, Primary healthcare strategies. Below is her interview where she gives us a brief about her work and how preventive therapies are helping people across the world.

Can you tell us something about your background such as early life, education etc.?
After completing  my post-graduation in Food & Nutrition, I got selected for Senior Research Fellowship (SRF under Indian Council Agriculture Research) at G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar,  and completed Ph.D. in Nutrition. I was working as Clinical Nutritionist and Head of Clinical and Dietetics department in Asian Heart Institute Mumbai tenure 2003-2007. One of the India's premier Cardiac & Multispecialty hospital.

Why did you choose this career or any specific motivation behind this career?
The nutrition science has evolved more than 2000 years back itself as the father of medicine, Hippocrates, precisely said that “Let food be thy medicine.” Bearing these words in mind, I decided to pursue nutritional science.  Many people in this field have made an impression that Diet & Nutrition is only meant for Weight loss  by eating boiled vegetables and restricting food intake.

I wanted to venture a step ahead to propagate the effectiveness of nutrition therapy  in protecting our health from many  life style Chronic diseases like Diabetes, Heart disease, Obesity, High cholesterol, Blood Pressure, thyroid, liver disorder, Anemia  etc.

My mantra for healthy life  is very simple: Eat adequate healthy food to  protect your body from ill effects of unhealthy food. The main aim of nutrition therapy is to inculcate a healthy lifestyle and diet in day-to-day life. Many of us cite our hectic lifestyle as an excuse for deviating from healthy food. However, I believe one can adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle pattern even during these chaotic and busy times.

Nutrition therapy can be beneficial in three ways, 1) Prevent occurrence of  a disease 2 ) reverse the health condition to healthy way 3)   to effectively manage aggravation of a particular disease.

The cost of nutrition therapy is very negligible as compared to hospitalisation and medical expenses. Nowadays, treatment costs for heart care is close to 5-10 lakhs. Even the Government spends close to 70,000 crore rupees on healthcare. All these unnecessary costs can be curbed by simply adopting healthy lifestyle and dietary practice.

 An alarming trend is that people in their  early 30’s are already consuming medicines and supplements for Hypertension, Diabetes, antacids  as  quick-fix solution. However, many of these medications have deleterious side-effects; for example, common side-effect of antihypertensive is increase in the serum uric acid levels. To combat this increase, yet another medication is required that creates a vicious cycle. Most people don’t understand that dietary modifications can nullify the need for medications.

A hospital setup could be restrictive in terms of time, patient interaction and recommendations. In contrast, a private set-up ensures quality counseling, effective guidance, personalized attention and in turn a good result. I believe in getting to the root of the problem by comprehensively evaluating the patient history, including the medication, lifestyle, family, and pathological history.

In my clinic, every patient is subjected to nutritional assessment and analysis before recommending dietary. These include biochemical, anthropometric, diet and lifestyle history, and vitamin and mineral deficiency assessments. The vitamin and mineral deficiency assessment is done using our in-house software that also identifies any absorption abnormalities. This helps us to identify the root cause of health problem and treat them with scientifically proven nutrition therapies through diet that are simple to follow yet highly effective.

Please tell us about some of your most successful accomplishments.
Many of my clients who were taking medicines for Diabetes, Blood pressure,  Uric Acid etc  have got cured from these diseases through my nutrition therapies and they no longer take medicines for the same.
Several women who could not conceive due to Obesity, Hypothyroid and PCOS were able to conceive after my nutrition therapies. 

My corporate Health and Nutrition Workshop received excellent rating from many organization like- Tata Steel Ltd., Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Indian Air Force, Mumbai Police, prominent clubs across India, Central and Western Railways and many other corporate.

                                     Appreciation letter and Award from Indian Navi 


(*Awards, Recognition & Felicitation and featured articles mentioned at the end of the interview)

What are the myths in Diet and Nutrition?
Many people think that the purpose is to reduce weight by starving or eating less food or eating tasteless boiled vegetables. No Dieting  is  just eating the right kind of food according to your health condition. It can protect and cure from many Lifestyle chronic diseases.

How to achieve size zero through diet?
There is no concept of size Zero in Nutrition science.  Diet helps to maintain your ideal weight but the so called “size zero” requires a lot of rigorous exercise.

Are there any specific challenges in this field for women and what are the major health challenges faced by women?
A woman is a center part of family multitasking always but Women’s health is highly neglected. Women are most likely to encounter thyroid hormone abnormalities, polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is very common among pubescent girls, fibroids and vitamins D and B12 deficiencies. Premature menopause and hysterectomy further compound the problems faced by women. Therefore, I urge women to have regular checkups and nip any problem in the bud. Apart from the common lifestyle diseases, many of the patients have thyroid hormone abnormalities and gastrointestinal problems.

                         Dr Nupur doing ad for Emami Healthy and Tasty cooking oil.

How do you manage balance between your personal and professional life?

The best part of being in this field is that I get to preach the principles of nutrition to my clients and implement them in my personal life in my capacity as a mother, wife and homemaker. It is an amazing field and I am blessed personally as well as professionally.   Behind every successful woman there is a family who trusted and supported her.

                                          Dr Nupur with her husband and son.

What is one advice that you would like to give young women out there who are thinking of taking related fields as their profession?

To be a good clinical nutritionist you must understand basic metabolism of our body and ensure that you enroll in a reputable university and complete a specialization before starting your own practice. Having a sound knowledge base and purely basing your recommendations on evidence based science will stand you in good stead.  In order to branch out privately, one must have enough experience dealing with different health conditions  . Always ensure the authenticity of any claim before deploying it on the patients.

Awards, Recognition & Felicitation:
·         Honoured by The Hon'ble Minister Subhash Desai - Minister for Industries & Mining Govt. of Maharashtra & Mumbai Press Club for Nutrition & Health Workshop 2016.
·         Awarded Best Clinical Nutritionist in Mumbai by Mayor, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) on the occasion of Woman’s Day 2015.
·         Consulting Nutritionist:  Chief Minister of Maharashtra - Hon’ble Shri Prithviraj Chavan since 2013.
·         Felicitated by The Giants International by Shri. Nana Chudasama and Ms Shaina NC for Outstanding contribution in the field of Clinical Nutrition at Awards ceremonies in 2012 and 2013
·         Felicitated by Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister & Home Minister of Maharashtra Shri R. R. Patil for Women Empowerment at Shanmukhananda Hall January 2008
·      Panel Nutritionist:  Tata Steel Ltd.  |   Scientimed Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Appreciation Letters from Mr. Prithvi Raj Chavan, Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Appreciation Letters from Major General Anuj Maithur, VSM GOC

                                         Dr Nupur's awards for her exemplary work
·         Appreciation Certificate from “Mumbai Press Club” for Nutrition & Healthy workshop followed by healthy recipes  for Journalist on 25th October, 2016.
·         Appreciation Certificate from “Campion School, Mumbai” for Nutrition & Health Program for the Junior Boys on 27th July, 2016.
·         Best Clinical Nutritionist in Mumbai, Award Given by The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai on the occasion of Woman’s Day 2015
·         Appreciation Certification from “Western Railway Women’s Welfare Organization” at HQ Office on July 2015.
·         Appreciation Certification from “Central Railway Women’s Welfare Organization” at HQ Office on June 2015.
·         Appreciation Certification from “Larsen & Toubro, Woman’s Day Celebration” at Ballard Estate on March 2014.
·         Appreciation Certification from “ DIGNITY FOUNDATION” for Importance of Dietary Discipline” February 9, 2014
·         Appreciation Certification from “Larsen & Toubro, Medical Healthcare & Welfare Services, Powai” on September 2013
·         Felicitation at the Giant International Award Ceremony organized by Shri. Nana Chudasama and Shaina NC for Outstanding contribution in the field of Clinical Nutrition April 2012 & April 2013.
·         Panel Speaker on the 6th Nutra India Summit 2011 in association with Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and CFTRI, Feb. 2011.
·         Tata Steel Jamshedpur Awarded Dr.Nupur Krishnan Speaker of the Technical session. Theme: “ Good Safety-High Returns “ in the Symposium cum Exposition held on 20-21st Nov 2013..Panel Speaker on the FICCI - HADSA 3rd International Conference on "Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods and Dietary Supplements", June, 2011.
·         Appreciation Certification from "FICCI" for Interactive Workshop on "Nature's Wonder Fruit - Lemon September 2010
·         Awarded by Shri R. R. Patil on the occasion of Rajmata Jijau and Savitri Bai Phule Jayanti for Women Empowerment January 2008.
·         Member of medical team –Asian Heart Institute & Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007.
·         Addressed “Diabetes update 2007” Workshop as a speaker at AHIRC on March’07.
·         On "World Food Day" judged a Nutrition Quiz Show at "Ryans International School Oct. 2007
·         Appreciation Certificate from "Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education" for conducting "Corporate Health Awareness Program Dec 2007.
·           “Nutrition Education program” of G.B.P.U. A& T, Pant Nagar 2007
·         Organized CMNE on “Pediatric Nutrition” - Asian Heart Institute & Research Centre in Feb. 2006.
·         Expert session on “Diet for preventing Cardiovascular disease“ , Nov 2005, Hyderabad 4th International Congress on Cardiovascular Diseases & 11th World Congress on Clinical Nutrition held in November 2006
·         "Guest Speaker" for Panel Discussion for "National Society for Prevention of Heart Disease and Rehabilitation" on "Healthy Hearts" at Nehru Planetarium Feb. 2006
·         Appreciation Certificate from AIIMS, New Delhi as a "Speaker" on " National workshop on Development of guidelines for Effective Home Based Care and Treatment of children suffering from Acute Severe Under, 11th Nov 2005.
·         Case study presentation on “Nutrition Management for Valve Surgery patients “  at CMNE conference - Oct 2005 , Sir H.N. Hospital & Research
·         Panel Doctor & a Speaker of Awareness Program for Women's Group for Malaysian Palm Oil Promotion Council 2005.
·         Expert Speaker in the Scientific Deliberation of National workshop on “Development of Children for Effective Home based care and treatment of Children suffering from Acute Severe Under nutrition”, New Delhi Nov. 2005
·         Honorary Consulting Specialist for Children's Health Check up Camp on Nov 2003 & 2004 by Director Shri Hajara- The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.
·         Medical Team Nutritionist - Health awareness program for the SRPF state reserve police force at Jogeshwari July 2004.
·         Indian Council Medical Research workshop on research Methodologies for micronutrient research held at Raniket, Uttaranchal on March 2002.
·         “Impact of Vitamin A related video shows among Hill school children” in XXXIII Annual National Conference of the Indian Dietetic Association, Oct 2002, M.S. University of Baroda.
·         “Influence of mother’s education on nutrient deficiencies and morbidity pattern among hill children “, seminar sponsored by UPDASP (May 2000)
·         “PARVARISH - CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND HEALTH CARE CAMP “demonstrating and generating awareness for Child Nutrition – Nov 1998.
·         “Nutrition Education for malnourished children”, State level seminar in M.P. sponsored by the U.G.C. Dec. 1998.

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·   Directed & Scripted Five video films on Nutrition Education for ICAR (Indian Council of Agriculture Research, New Delhi)

                                          Dr. Nupur's clientele includes Film and TV personalities

Corporate Health Programs:
·         Tata Steel, Food and Drug Administration (For Maharashtra), Bharatiya Vayu Sena, Mumbai Police, IPSOWA (Maharashtra), Bharatiya Jal Sena, Rotary International, Mom & Me, The New India Insurance Co Ltd., Novartis, SUN Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd., Lions International, PPC Worldwide, SCI, Discovery Channel, Indian Railways, LT, FICCI, Mumbai Press Club, Ryan International School, S.B. Patil College of Engineering, Campion School (Mumbai), Thankur Vidya Mandir High School and Junior College

Dr. Nupur Featured on:

·       Times of India, Bombay Times, Mid-Day, Mumbai Mirror, The Hindu, Navbharat Times, The Indian Express, Tarla Dalal, Hindustan Times, Samana News Group, Maharashtra Times, Asian Heart Institute, DNA, Pune Mirror, Health Turf, Asian Pulse Magazine, Doc N Doc, The Pioneer, Zee TV, Radio City, Zee News,, My medical mantra, CNBC TV, Taar Sansar, Care World, Yeh Hai Vividh Bharati.

                                               Dr Nupur Krishnan Clinical Nutritionist.


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