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Ms Garima Srivastava - Anchor and Actress

There is no dearth of opportunities for women today and people from traditional families are stepping sideways to pursue their dream in fields other than the traditional fields of education, engineering, medical, accountancy etc. I got in a conversation with one such person Ms Garima, who is shaping up her career in the field of Media and TV shows, Radio Jockey and event hosts. Coming from a traditional family setup from Lucknow, embarking on a journey in the field of Media and Mass communication and eventually landing up in TV shows is a commendable effort from her. She can be an inspiration for many that through your dedication, hard work and perseverance you can make a mark in your chosen field.

1. Tell us about yourself, your family background and current career.

I was born and brought up in Lucknow in a family which gives a lot of emphasis on education, family values, culture and tradition. My father, whom I attribute to as the pillar of my success, was a government officer in UP Secretariat and mother a Bank employee. Born and brought up in a family of traditional setup of educationalists, including 2 siblings, their partners and my husband all of whom who work as engineers and scientists in corporate world, choosing a completely different career path of media and show-biz was really a tough task.

As I said that you continue to explore the endless opportunities that life throws at you, I have tried to explore many things including Stage Performances, Dance, Theater, Compere, Radio Jockey , stint in Corporate World and now doing TV serials and Movies.

2.    Why you chose your career in this field and how did you get your first break?

Since my school days, I was interested in stage performances be it dance, drama and cultural performances. Perhaps this interest was the prime guiding factor for my doing a Post Graduate degree in Mass Communication from Lucknow University after graduating in Biology. At that time opportunities in a non-metro city like Lucknow were limited. During my post-graduation period I started working as a compere in All India Radio at Lucknow and host talk shows, Vividh Bharti announcements etc. Then I moved to Delhi where I worked in Media and VAS fields as Content Manager.

Another stepping stone in my career pursuit, was the relocation to Mumbai when my husband got transfer in his job and through some acquaintances in the media industry got encouragement to take some roles in the TV shows, and anchor events. These small roles in some Television serials  opened doors for more leading and prominent roles. 

Early days as Event hosts and Achoring

3.    Describe your day to day activities, priorities and tasks.

A typical day would start with early morning breakfast and calls to confirm the shoot/Auditions. Then the biggest time taker is your travel in a city like Mumbai. The entire day goes in shooting/meetings and you get free by late evening. After that another long journey back home. At home me and my husband share the entire day’s events and watch TV. After that before going to bed again I have to connect with others for next day’s schedule and confirmations. On weekdays whenever I get some time for myself I do swimming/ dance/gym and I feel it’s a great way to keep myself fit and make friends. On weekends, I connect with my family, siblings and relatives.

4.   Any hurdles/obstacles you faced in pursuing your dream and how you overcame some of those?

The obstacles in pursuing a career in Media and Movie industry is both at personal level and at professional level. At personal level time management is biggest obstacle as this field demands a lot of time even during work and after the work. The time you spend after the work is for increasing your contacts, meetings for newer opportunities and discussions.
At professional level the obstacles are the limited number of opportunities make it really tough to get into this industry. You may have to wait for a very long period for getting a good break. You should have skills and luck both on your side.

5.      Describe your most successful accomplishments and name of serial and role.

Well as I said that I have done many things in different but yet related fields, my major accomplishments are varied and from these different fields.
During my Corporate Stint I managed the Celebrity Cricket League for my company which was the telecom partner of the event. Besides that I was the VAS manager for Mumbai team which had a lot of superstars. While handling team Mumbai Heroes where I got an opportunity to work with major Bollywood celebrities. Taking interview of these celebrities at the stadium & practice sessions was quite an exciting experience. Major Bollywood celebrities included Bobby Deol, Sohail Khan, Director Apoorv Lakhia, Rohit Roy, Sonu Sood, Chitrangda, Huma Qureshi, Shruti Hassan etc.

The Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) is one of the biggest event connecting Celebrity world with Cricket. The role involved entire product planning across various lines related to CCL. It involved a lot of travelling and coverage for content creation across India and Middle East.
Few moments from her stint in Celebrity Cricket League

Talking about serials and Bollywood working as an actor for different roles in major serials was also an achievement in a short span of time. Few of them are, Relative of Rani Charumitra in serial Ashoka aired on Colors TV, role of friend of Lead in serial Mere Angne me Star TV, Role of Rani Roopmati in Epic ke Dus Season 2 Epic Channel. Apart from that I have done roles in serials like Balika Vadhu,Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma, Luck by Chance, Yum Hain Hum, Shapath, Sankat Mochan Hanumaan and C.I.D. Sony TV.
Recently I have done a role in an upcoming movie ‘Face of Truth’. The movie is based on Social Cause on Child suicide. Movie would be released by January 2016 and I have played a 
short role of a reporter in the movie.

Besides I have also done the Anchoring role for TV shows like Astrology series ‘Divya Gyan’ with Rati Agnihotri, Amita Nagia and Raju Kher.

Few moments from her roles in TV serials

6.        What are the key challenges in this field for women? What are your personal challenges?
Challenges in this field are many. The biggest ones is connecting with the right people who can give you correct information and ways to get opportunities. Information on small things like where to go for audition & where not to go also helps a lot. These people can guide you for choosing a better work basis their experience. So wisdom of these people counts a lot!
Second biggest challenge is time management as this field demands anything as of now. So you should be willing to stretch and manage your time. Sometimes it may take a toll on your personal life.
Success doesn’t comes easily and quickly in this field so perseverance is the key. You have to be very patient and push yourself with dedication and passion every day.
Managing time and attention for personal and professional life is the biggest challenge. When you are single, you decide the time and priorities basis to your own requirements, but once you are married the list of priorities gets longer. Managing this becomes a bit difficult. However, I am lucky that my family and particularly my husband supports me in all my endeavors.

7.      How do you manage a balance between personal and professional life?
As I said managing time and attention for personal and professional life is the biggest challenge and things change when you get married. The biggest help will be an understanding of your priorities and planning at any point of time. If your priority for the next week is that you should spend time with your family for a vacation then don’t take anything during that period but at the same time be ready to lose some good opportunity. However after losing the opportunity you should not spoil your vacation thinking about the lost opportunity. So prioritizing your action is required. Further it always helps to have a caring and understanding family and I think I am very lucky on that part.

Garima with her family 

All said and done its always a tradeoff between two things that you have to manage and you have to sacrifice one for the other. 

8.   Lastly, what is one advice that you would like to give young women out there who are thinking of taking any profession?
You should get into this field if you have a passion for this. From outside it may look very glamorous and easy but its not like that. There is a lot of hard work required even for a small scene. For newcomers thinking of joining this field I would suggest that always connect with the right people as it will help you a lot. People say this industry is bad but the truth is not like that. What matters is the awareness about the right people and choosing the correct way to handle situation. It will help you in right information about opportunities and suggestions about Choosing between works and improvement. Initially it’s not that high paying so new comers who are self-dependent have to suffer with financial crunches.
Time commitment is a must in this industry. Small things like maintaining your diary with a to-do list helps a lot.
Perseverance should be the key to succeed in this field. Stress Management, Physical health and proper Diet are also important to keep you physically fit. You should always try to be expressive, presentable, show a good sense of humor and should handle difficult situations with poise.

I would love to mention the quote which I read somewhere and it always reminds me to believe in myself and keep moving forward.

‘I am in competition with no one. I run my own race. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I just aim to improve to be better than I was before. That’s me, and I’m free.’

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