Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Anjana Subhash – Counsellor and Holistic Healer, Regal Unlimited

We all want to achieve great success in our lives and usually we stick to standard profession like doctor, engineer or businesswoman but Anjana Subhash dared to dream different and made her mark in the field of counselling and holistic healing. Today she runs a successful company with her husband Regal Unlimited (www.regalunlimited.com) which helps people in reaching their inner self and utilising their potential to maximum. We had a really interesting conversation with Anjana Subhash, do read her interview to know more about the kind of work she is associated with.

Tell us about yourself, your family, background as an educationalist: education and experience. What are your specialties/ expertise?
I am a graduate in Philosophy, a certified Counsellor and a Holistic Healer. I got married to a banker, now a Leadership Coach/Mentor/Healer. We have a son (and a pet dog). I mainly work with women (counselling, healing and parenting-guidance) and counselling young children and educating them on ‘Human Values’ as well. I also do "Healing Work" with everyone and everything :-)
With Family
Why did you choose this career in counselling sector? 
As a child I was always into helping others and listening to them. When I grew up, people who found solace, started asking me, “Why can’t you be a counsellor?” That’s how it all started as lending a shoulder always brings happiness for me. Also, I had picked up palmistry as a hobby, while in high school and being intuitive helped me a lot. I always had inclination towards ‘Philosophy’ and ‘Psychology’ so I think all this contributed to reaching out to people and helping them to understand how to take care of their ‘Mental’ aspect as well.

What are you goals in your life or for your counselling sector?
Reaching out to more and more people, making them aware that “There is nothing outside, the real power lies within themselves. We can’t change anyone, but ourselves. Mental health is as important as physical health! Making people aware the connection between body, mind and spirit! And also to have a holistic way of approaching life.” For counselling sector, contribute to the holistic development of the practice in India (as some taboo still remains for such interventions)

How do you handle workload stress and emergency situations?
Not applicable, no stress and rarely emergency. Practicing modalities I have learnt and applying it in daily-life, helps me immensely!

Describe your day to day activities, priorities and tasks.
It starts off with meditation and walk. Then routine work/sessions I have with my clients! I do what I love to do like cooking, tending my plants, time with our dog etc. All this fills my day. There is nothing as ‘tasks’, it is just living in the moment for me. I also daily keep sometime for myself for reading books, listening to music and to watch TV.

Any hurdles/obstacles you faced in pursuing your dream and how you overcame some of those?
This is my “Inner Calling”, so I have never faced any major hurdles or obstacles as you put it. It is just pure Divine Grace.

Describe your most successful accomplishments.
When clients show progress towards their goals, through their own efforts…..that is the most fulfilling accomplishment. By empowering the clients, the success door automatically opens for them. I see their success as my success.

What are the key challenges in this field for women? What are your personal challenges?
No challenges specific to women. Listen, act upon your personal calling. Remain passionate about making a difference. Keep learning, make self-efforts to lead by example. Do what you love to do. Once we make these choices, challenges may not be difficult to overcome.

How do you manage a balance between personal and professional life or as a working mother.
By managing time. I have complete support from family. Besides my husband also is from the same field, so it helps. As I said earlier, when we follow our inner calling, universe just makes it happen. No one can stop us.
With her husband
Lastly, what is one advice that you would like to give young women out there who are thinking of taking any profession?

Be focused on long-term goals (journey vs. destination), manage time, emotions and relationships. Be obsessed with work-life balance. Be authentic. Happiness is a choice, so love yourself first, so that you can love whatever you want to do as well. 


  1. Am so so so so proud of u dear Anjana. Keep doing your good work and u know you do it not just for name n fame but u do it as ur heart wants to follow. ..keep going gal....am proud to have a friend like u. May the Divine blessings be upon u and ur family....Loads of love ������

  2. Am so so so so proud of u dear Anjana. Keep doing your good work and u know you do it not just for name n fame but u do it as ur heart wants to follow. ..keep going gal....am proud to have a friend like u. May the Divine blessings be upon u and ur family....Loads of love ������

  3. Awesome !! Immensely happy for you. Stay blessed and keep up the great work... Love always :)

  4. A great interview!Very inspiring and motivating...keep up the good work!God Bless!!

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  6. Proud of you my sis - keep up the good work - god bless !

  7. I am very proud to have a friend like you Anju.
    Keep the good work going. May the Divine blessings always be with you.

  8. Great to see a blissful couple on a holistic journey :)