Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Priya Seksaria - Image Consultant, Persona Mantra, Past Chairperson FICCI Ladies Organisation, FLO

 Recently we got in conversation with Priya Seksaria, she has extensively worked in the field of Human Resource and administration with special emphasis on Information Technology Industry (IT), her passion for styling, fashion and grooming paved the way for her to become a successful Image Consultant. Her work reflects elegance and class, she is also attached to the FICCI ladies organization where she is currently the chairperson. As an Image Consultant Priya has helped many people to instil confidence in themselves by helping them enhance their image. Read below to learn more about Priya’s interesting journey.

From working extensively in the field of women empowerment to being an image consultant, your career graph has been extremely interesting. Please tell us more about your professional journey.
I began my journey as a housewife who had dreams to become a professional and to fulfil those ambitions 'Image building’ and finding the confidence to face this competitive world was most required. I was my own student, and learned by observing and my diligent work brought results which one can obviously see.

How has been your experience with FICCI-FLO? What are the top three-four agendas that you have been closely associated with through the organization?
My experience with FICCI-FLO has been productive. As a chairperson I have done some useful and innovative things for my members. Woman empowerment has been a major goal and we have done workshops, tours for the same. On this subject, from celebrity meetings to social projects we have touched all spheres of life and learning.

You must have come across extremely successful women from all walks of life during your association with FLO. Who impressed you the most and why? Any learnings that you would like to share having interacted with so many of them?
Mary Kom was one celebrity guest who really impressed me with her simplicity and her sincerity and her passion towards her work. My major learning from her was that passion is very vital to achieve a goal.

Tell us more about your current role - that of being an image consultant. What is it that excites you the most about the same and how is it that you can help people achieve their goals and aspirations in a better manner? 
The fact that I am glorifying the image of people from making it extraordinary from the ordinary is ex-citing enough. I work holistically from changing their attitude to building their personality. Once they go through the whole image transform they emerge as a more confident individual.

What have been the high points of your career so far?
I have achieved all that I have dreamt of so far. My steps have been small and slow but very steady. Single-handedly I have walked this journey and I am aiming for the more.

Can you share a few challenges that you have faced in your professional journey and how have you overcome them?
The world is very competitive these days. Every person is experimenting with new ideas. To carry on dutifully competing with failures and criticism and still being happy and most of all celebrating the joy is a challenge on its own. Sometimes coping up with your own glorified image can be very tiring too.

You are also associated with social services in a big way. Please tell us more about the causes you support and the projects that you are currently working on?
I recently gave motivational talk at an institute catering to underprivileged. I got the feedback that they were inspired by my talk and that was a happy moment for me.

For someone who has so much on her plate, how do you maintain work-life balance? How do you unwind at the end of a long day?
The fact that I enjoy what I am doing is half the battle won. After a tiring day I sit back and congratulate myself, compliment myself and bask in my own glory.  This satisfaction is of a different level. It releases all the stress.

Lastly, being a role model for so many women who are career-oriented, would you like to share some pieces of advice/tips for making it big in their respective fields?
Advice is to carry on… not look behind and try out new ideas. Taking risk is very important and to be happy in every circumstance is the only mantra.

With her family

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